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Dees' Trees For Troops 2013
For the 8th year in a row, DHL Express is sending live Xmas trees to the Troops in AFG! AaSP is helping DHL with contacts and units in certain locations and we are so grateful to be part of this wonderful event! ...
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Good Day Newyork
A Bad Season for Bugs
"It already is bad," said Joe DiDominica, a co-owner of Dee's Nursery in Oceanside. "It's been a crazy season for insects." And though the season will be ...
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Dees' Nursery Offers glimpse of Spring
Video journalist: Jessica Rotkiewicz
March 7, 2012
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Springing Into The Season At Dees Nursery
Joe DiDominica
March 10, 2011
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Maine Trees Headed to Afghanistan
Jacqueline Weaver
December 8, 2010
FRANKLIN — Just over the border from Franklin, in Township 9, five hundred balsam fir trees were harvested and loaded onto a truck Dec. 6 destined for shipment to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Christmas trees for troops pining for home
Joye Brown
December 7, 2010

James Adelis Jr. likes to think that the Christmas tree is still there. He imagines it living, growing, planting itself deeper into the earth in Iraq, hanging on, despite months of brutal heat that can spike to 150 degrees.
Trees to troops
Jim Staubitser
December 6, 2010
In the seven years since Jim Adelis sent a single Christmas tree to his son in Iraq, his holiday gift has grown to a large shipment.
Yule program donates 5,000 trees to soldiers; organizers hope that next year, troops are home
Michael Daly
Tuesday, November 30th 2010, 4:00 AM
While that homicidal brat in Oregon was trying to bomb a Christmas tree lighting, a group of uncommonly decent New Yorkers were once again preparing to send Christmas trees to our troops at war.